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Raleigh NC

"Yenehe' Tapi" by Karen Lynch Harley


Authenticity Statement:  Every object in American Indian Made in NC was certified by the artist as handmade.   Every person is an enrolled member of a state or federally recognized American Indian tribe in North Carolina. All items are custom made and may vary slightly from the photos in the store.

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"Yenehe' Tapi" by Karen Lynch Harley

Karen Harley Painting of Lacrosse Indian Stick Ball (1).jpg
Karen Harley Painting of Lacrosse Indian Stick Ball (1).jpg

"Yenehe' Tapi" by Karen Lynch Harley


This Limited Edition Print represents the original Southeastern Native American game of "Stick Ball" which later became known as Lacrosse. This game was not "just" a game in its origination. The game was played to settle Tribal disputes, determine strength and endurance, to ready warriors for battle and was originally played with a "rock" or heavy binned leather. The original painting is still available and is oil on wood panel measuring 3 feet by 4 feet long and is framed.

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