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Raleigh NC


Jessica Dingle

Jessica Dingle was always fascinated with the beadwork on the dancers’ regalia when she attended pow-wows as a girl.  She knew talented people in the Waccamaw Siouan tribe who were making crafts, quilts or baskets, but nobody doing beadwork.  When she was about 12 Jessica told her father she wanted to learn beadwork, they found a basic book and a loom, and she taught herself how to do it.  In the beginning she did not think about selling anything, but over time people started coming to her and asking her to make things for them. 

Now she is trying to make a living as a “working artist,” especially painting and making jewelry.  Jessica started realizing the interest from non-Natives in her beadwork and in Native American heritage in North Carolina.  She wants customers to understand that “Native-inspired” art is not the real thing, while she offers authentic Indian-made art through this store.  If you order a pendant from Jessica she will carefully select a stone and bead design that is one of a kind.  You can also find Jessica on Facebook.

“I am proud of my ability to represent my people and create joy in people’s lives.  My niche is Contemporary Native Art.”