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Raleigh NC


Karen Lynch Harley

Karen Lynch Harley is inspired by her love of life and culture. She pulls from her own Native American roots to create drawings, paintings and sculpture. Her love of family also motivates her to create fun pieces occasionally.

She works in oils, watercolors, pencil, charcoal, pastel, clay, paper, beads and cloth. The range of Karen’s talents can be seen on her Red Earth Gallery website.   She also offers painting workshops to help others explore their artistic potential.

Karen has a passion for the lifestyles and culture of Southeastern Native Americans, whom she feels have been marginalized for too long.  She has begun to devote her creative energy to expressing their beliefs and values through her art.

"I am inspired by what I observe  in life, so my work generally tells a story through people, places and symbols. People tell me my work pulls you in and tugs at your soul."

Karen is not the only member of her family that is very talented and artistic.  Her husband, Phillip Harley, I and her son Phillip "Running Deer" Harley II are both self taught wood workers. They can hand turn or hand carve you a family heirloom from your favorite old chair, picnic table or wood tree in the yard. As part of Karen's collection, shop the wood carved items from her husband or son.  See them below at work...