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Raleigh NC

Totem Poles by Phillip Harley I (Karen Lynch Harley)


Authenticity Statement:  Every object in American Indian Made in NC was certified by the artist as handmade.   Every person is an enrolled member of a state or federally recognized American Indian tribe in North Carolina. All items are custom made and may vary slightly from the photos in the store.

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Totem Poles by Phillip Harley I (Karen Lynch Harley)

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Stained Totem.jpeg
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Totem - Painted.jpeg
Totem - Stained.jpeg
Painted Totem.jpeg
Stained Totem.jpeg
Totem - Painted.jpeg
Totem - Painted.jpeg
Totem - Stained.jpeg

Totem Poles by Phillip Harley I (Karen Lynch Harley)

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Traditionally made primarily by Northwestern Indian Tribes. However, Totem poles were found in the Jamestown area of Virginia and served a variety of purposes. Totem poles had spiritual significance for some Southeastern tribes and were considered spiritual guardians. Totem poles symbolize Tribes, Clans, family or individuals. Often animals are used to symbolize the wisdom and power or characteristics they offer. 

Our Totem poles are meant to tell the story of your family and serve as the entrance to your home. Each figure and color you select have meaning.


Man: Strength, Leadership, Power, Understanding, Protector
Woman: Life, Strength, Consistency, Motherhood, Fertility, Love,
Child: New life, new beginnings, hope, blessing
Elder:  Wisdom, Knowledge, Respect, Honor
Bear: Symbolized courage, strength and leadership
Cougar: Power, humility, encourages responsibility
Coyote: Cunning, stealth
Deer: Compassion, grace, survival
Eagle: Divine spirit, freedom, creation
Wolf: direction, leadership, embodies protection and destruction
Moose: balance, longevity
Otter: speed, innocence, curiosity

Red: Faith, happiness ; violence, energy, bloodshed
Orange/Yellow: Determination, Intellect; Willingness, determination
Green: Nature, Harmony, Healing ; Endurance
Blue: Wisdom; Confidence
Purple: Power, magic, mystery

Let us tell your story.

Hand carved totem poles from wood in Tribal community.  Available in two finishes:  Painted & Stained (natural)

For a custom totem pole, select the finish and the number of images

  • Poles shown is approximately 6 feet tall and 10 inch diameter (7 images)

  • Custom order:  Hands and figures within figures are considered separate images. Each image approximately 8 inches tall. Available up to approximate 8 feet tall and 15 inch diameter (For Larger size, contact Store Manager)

  • Buyer must be picked up at Artist Studio in Hollister, NC.

Painted / Stained:
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